World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Review

If you have been following the video game World of Warcraft especially if you have enjoyed their sixth expansion titled Legion, then World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth the follow up expansion is here to give wonderful gaming experience. Fans have no idea that the Battle of Azeroth would come because Blizzard Entertainment really wants to give gamers a great taste of entertainment, considering that World of Warcraft is very popular nowadays. The new expansion will give your character a new Level Cap from 110 to 120 which is one of the major changes in the game.

Of course, the PvP rules have some changes as well, you need to toggle PvP in case you want to attack other factions but by default, you can also attack NPC’s in the open world.

The plot of the game continues where World of Warcraft: Legion leaves off, which was anticipated by fans and if you are a fan of World of Warcraft be sure not to miss this expansion. Aside from playing the game, you will be following a great campaign in the game, following this plot you will discover where the plot goes and what will be the life of the characters of the World of Warcraft. Due to its popularity, the cinematic trailer is very fascinating, the visual effects are very stunning in a 3D as well.

While there are plenty of changes in the plot of the World of Warcraft, the alliance are still intact, furthermore, The Horde and The Alliance continues to battle. This really makes the game very stunning, but what is new about the game is the new races of the Alliance. Of course, you cannot just automatically unlock this new races you need to do the quest line. You get to enjoy the game because as you unlock new races it has some different narrative integration which is far more very amazing. Blizzard Entertainment is doing a great job in making World of Warcraft a better RPG and more immersive which makes gamers what for more.

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