As of December this year, we have the most popular mobiles games that include the top voted games, downloaded games and most popular games. Here’s a list of the top 10 popular mobiles games.

#10: Pawn Empire: Bid. This is an auction type of game. A game that gives certain type of object that will double the income of your business. This will give you the hype to grow your business and you’re one of the bidders. In this game you select a very unique item to bid for your starting item and you have an allocated money to buy some stuff that’s good to bid.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire - Android


Android installer here:


Bid Wars: Pawn Empire – Android Gameplay HD



#9: Carcassonne Tiles 7 tactics: This is quite a heavy graphics with stunning detailed gameplay. The game mechanics will let you build your own land. You’re like a god that creates nature. You will be putting certain tales and has an image that you need to put together in sequence.

Carcassonne Mobile Game

Android installer here:

Carcassonne Rules And Game Strategy Tips


#8 Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter: A kind of fighting game that combines Kung Fu and Ninja. Every character has different ability and fighting style. A traditional fighting game that surely captures your attention.

Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter Android

Android installer here:

Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter Android Gameplay

#7 Metal Wings: A traditional flat form and strategic game. The mechanism of the game is not to get hit by them, instead hit them all by your weapon and proceed with precaution. As you level up, you can unlock powerful skills that can aid to your adventure.

Android installer here:

Metal Wings: Elite Force

Metal Wings: Elite Force gameplay

#6 Pocket Legends Adventure: A role playing game that can change to other type of character. You will head over your destination but you have to go through massive enemies and wipe them up. Unlocking skills and enhancing items is a traditional thing you must do in other to withstand strong boss.

Pocket Legends Adventures

Android installer here:

Pocket Legends Adventures gameplay

#5 Sniper Strike: Most of these days, people love to play shooting games and can use multiple weapons. The number one thing you can do is being stealthy. Once you get spotted by the enemies you will have a hard time escaping or shooting them. I would recommend to do silent mode. It earns a lot of experience.

Sniper Strike : Special Ops

Android installer here:

Sniper Strike : Special Ops gameplay

#4 Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z: A kind of fighting and strategy game that involves with 60 characters. Once you level up your character you can unlock another game character as well.

Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z

Android installer here:

Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z gameplay

#3 Jump Drive: This is one of the addicting games that you can play. The mechanics of the game is to avoid laser tips and pointy objects. Avoid them until the time runs out and explodes.

#2 Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team: Is a Japanese type soccer game that lets you create your own dream team and customize them in your own style.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Android installer here:

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team gameplay

#1 The Sims Mobile: Probably the best simulation game that you can play. You will create your own character as a virtual human and you can perform certain tasks with this virtual human. This game is famous on the west and lots of people really like to play this.

The Sims Mobile

Android installer here: Mobile

The Sims Mobile gameplay

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