Some Foods You’re Eating The Wrong Way


Taking a salad to work

many people who are trying to eat healthy, take a salad to work rather than bringing a sandwich you can put your salad in a mason jar, you can make your salad and put your dressing on the bottom, this will keep the lettuce from getting soggy since the mason jar has a cover. All you would need to do is shake the jar when you’re ready to eat and you’ll have a delicious dressed salad.

2. Give the lettuce in your tacos a purpose.

Most people make a taco and they put shredded lettuce on the top. This is a mistake when you bite into the taco the filling often spills out onto the plate. Let us and all if you use a leaf of lettuce you can put your filling in the lettuce and then in the shell this will keep everything intact while you’re eating your taco.

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3. The best way to eat a cupcake.

Most people find the frosting on the cupcake to be the best part since you cannot fit a whole cupcake in your mouth. You often eat from the top finishing the frosting before you get to the rest of the cake. If you rip the top of your cupcake and turn it upside down
you’ll have frosting in every single bite cupcake sandwich anyone.

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