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I know for certain why you came  to my site and that is  to look for Six! Hack. Well i cannot blame you, who would want to play for an hour or two just to be the best in this game.  I  program this six! cheat  app online to give anybody the advantage to attend a  leading score. If you don’t want to hack or cheat  the game its up to you but this app here is design that way.

If you are getting bored while waiting for a friend or an appointment  then try to play this game, though this is not very challenging but the mean point of this is to challenge your friends, classmate or your colleague about who will get the highest score. If you are looking for much more complicated game then this is not for you. The Developer  Gram Games made this game easy so that anybody can play no matter how young or old. I have tried playing this game and challenge my brother and without telling him that I am using this  six! Cheats to get ahead of him.  A little background of  him (he was born a gamer, he can play any games and get acquainted really fast). So I ask him for a challenge. in just few minutes of  playing i was able to hit the highest score and  i defeated him lol  kinda hard for him to believe but I did but later i told him the reason why i was able to defeat him on this SIX! game because I cheated on the game. If you want the cheat for SIX! Whether you are using Iphone or Ipad then get one for you. check it below.


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By Nathan

It’s a good hack and by using this I am able to beat all my friends. But I kind of feel like the development need more improvement which I know it’s very possible to do that… I enjoy games that rely on random algorithms to create endless combinations and of course using the cheat for Six!, One thing I can comment is I’d like to see some levels that required a more advanced plan and technique on the users part.

By Narcy

This game was super fun using the six cheats for the 5 minutes, then I didn’t notice after several minutes o9f the game I become the top player. The currency is stars and no need to buy any skins for your hexagon because of the cheat.

by Gregor

I already can’t stop playing this game Imagine being able to surpass my entire classmate but I did not tell that that I am using Six! Cheat otherwise they will call me a cheater but who cares since I love to be best. Beside this is just a game nobody gets hurt but your ego only.


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