Restaurant Paradise Sim Game Cheats Android

This game is just release around the world if you like simulation game then this is for you. Its really fun to play. If also you are tired of those demanding time and money  game like clash royale or pokemon or mobile strike. Try something new. I can really recommend you this game. Though this is  not so time demanding but still  you need to spend time playing.

If you wish to have any amount of diamonds to your account  without playing hard like spending so much time just  for you to progress like no others then use the working online cheat available privately here,click the button below. note this cheats do not works with Iphone only on Android.

But if you have so much diamonds in the game where is the challenge in that?. But if you reach to the later level when everything is impossible to progress without buying  that diamonds with real money then use our  tool. but do no overuse it,just for the sake that you still feel the game to be very challenging.



See the proof! we are using our tool for this game and we are able to obtain unlimited diamonds


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