People Under the Influence of Technology

Technologies are making a great impact and significance in every individual nowadays. Some people would think that technologies can lead people greater individuals a freedom and reduced state control. Technologies have both advantage and disadvantages either it provides good effect on humans or it just bring negative effect to the entire world.

Technologies bring changed to the world. Consider the internet as one of the most common technology created for a very long time. Like the internet it can help individuals to gather information that made people knowledgeable and to freed them being innocence and ignorant. On the other way around internet can manipulate people, it can reveal the secrecy of the person like there is no liberty to it. The bad thing is they use the internet to gather data from one person to another and might use your identity for evil purposes. A lot of technologies have provided similarly disappointing results for liberty.

We’re maybe living in a world where technologies can help access easily to things however this can as well put a negative side effect to the world like destroying both human and environment. Leading the world’s condition in the future time to be put into harmful effect. We maybe are astonished by it’s function and advantages however actually blinded us from the harmful effect. People cannot get out from the use of technologies because of dependency though one is cognizant of the effect it creates to the surroundings. Technology is like drugs; the more we put a use on it the more it slowly manifest a negative effect yet it gives a gratifying work, solution and accomplishing objectives but despite of the effect there are still no freedom from utilizing technologies.Using or not using technologies still both are recipient of its effect whether positive or negative effect. f

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