Monster Trucks Racing Cheats For Iphone and Android

I have read one of the comments from the a player of this game and this is  his comment “Its a fun game and addicting but you have to spend money from the beginning to get anywhere.” I just want you to know guys that this game is being design that way, its purely business. Yes you can download it for free but when you upgrade something  you have to spend it with money. I just remember  a game called Mobile Strike that each and every update and upgrade you need to buy packs because  if you wont  you are not able to upgrade your  character or your vip level or your commander level. Trying to find some alternative solution  to get an upgrade without buying but that is impossible there is none and you need to purchase.

This is what also about this game its purely program that way, soon if you will start spending, you will never stop spending because its impossible to upgrade as what I have said above.  We as  hard core programmer we don’t intend  to develop a software online that can cheat this game and any other game but its very disappointing to know that there is no other way but to buy packs of gold on this Monster Trucks Racing.  So below you can see a button click on that  it will show you  to the right page  of the cheats for this game.


Too much tough and expensive to upgrade trucks, It would be nice IF they can make make the cars cheaper but as I have said they design it  for you to spend money but since your here. your spending is over use our cheat today and get as many monster trucks  and upgrades.

Your truck will always come up short….that is unless you spend money. If you  don’t mind spending a little, but not on the first day of game play. If you are a player who never ;mind spending any amount then thats good but with our cheats here we developed this for those who do not want to purchase any gold in the game.

Get your unlimited Monster Trucks Racing gold here:

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