FAR:Lone Sails PC Game Review

Good news to all PC gamers out there, especially if you are a fan of steampunk theme games. A new video game that will give you plenty of time to enjoy and to explore. In case you have not heard about FAR: Lone Sails, this game will bring you to a vast road trip and allow you to drive a huge steampunk vehicle towards a vast wasteland which was a former ocean. You will have to go through an adventure while riding a vehicle which is half-train and half boat and you will be stopping in the remnants of the past civilization.

As you continue in your journey, you will acquire new technology or parts in order for you to go farther in your mission. To simply put, the game is a vehicle adventure game but, because of its wide array of style, it can also describe as puzzle platformer considering you will be given wonderful time to solve problems and jumping in the entire game.

FAR: Lone Sails has a haunting theme, yet very gorgeous and has a simple character, along with the vehicle you will ride in your journey. The game is huge, the game run time estimated to reach to 3 to 4 hours, although not in a gameplay sense. You will come across with a boat graveyard and these boats are exceptionally very huge, which makes your character look very small in the game.

Now the mechanics of controlling the vehicle is very simple, yet there are plenty of red buttons you need to use, furthermore there are plenty of linking systems that are dependent to each other in order to make you continue in the game and move forward to the next adventure. You can see a tiny cockpit within the middle of the vehicle, the area where you start the engine, brake and manage the steam. You need to continually supervise the ignition so that you can continually move forward. You need to scouts fuel in order to give power to your vehicle, you can get this fuel by turning boxes and barrels which you can come across in the wasteland. So folks if you are looking for a PC game that really gives you another taste of entertainment. Try FAR: Lone Sails.

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