Dawn of Titans Gems Cheats – Looking for Dawn of Titans Cheats for Iphone or Android?

For faster upgrade you are required to buy some gems, It’s a waiting game actually but later on the higher level it becomes  a pay to win or money game. The higher levels you become the more difficult to upgrade because it does require more gems, do you want to buy or use Dawn of Titans Cheats?. But if you think you have the patient then don’t buy it or use the cheat here.


People become more frustrated  after they  have spent a reasonable amount of money (say $50) on the game? There are great games that cost millions  to developed; I don’t mind spending $60 or  $70 on a good superb game on PC or PS4: the expectation of getting a AAA game for 99 cents is ridiculous.What I really don’t like is a  mobile game that’s still crippled  you or more players after spending a reasonable amount of money and this is what the most of the game all about now not just this game but most of the game  released.


Why we have developed Dawn of Titans Cheats for Iphone or Android?

1.For Educational purpose only. We have made an experiments if we are able to cheat the game and its was a success.
2.We have created this for anybody who are really frustrated after spending reasonable amount and you think it is still not enough then use this this tool online to get more gems.
3.if your a beginner and you’re  planning  to test this cheat before you will buy gems with real money go ahead.
4.Also this is for any body who don’t have any plans to spend money on the game instead.

How to use Dawn of Titans Cheats

Either you are a IOS or Android phone user the cheat is very easy to use. just follow a very simple instruction when you click the button below it will takes you to another page. Everything is being lead out there that even an 8 years old kid can do it, there is no need for me to explain it further.

Get your Dawn of Titans gems here:


About the Game:

Dawn of titans because nothing is more grumpy than a Titan in the morning and it is available on Android and Apple devices. First up the most important aspect of any game the gameplay. Dawn of titans a face building base ravaging titan cultivating attack and defense. However this one has Titans not those Titans were like Greek Roman Titans.

These Titans are massive and it’s great to see them in battle they sent puny humans flying through the air. you can level them up and equip them with gear and other things like upgrading troops, your base attacking players joining an alliance that’s all here too. Another difference is the way the game makes to attack you, choose your route for you to take before battle giving this game a pre battle strategy.



You can also changes that mid-battle, in case you want to take out those pesky archers, with this mechanic you can’t just attack and look away it makes you pay attention as the battle unfolds, also magic it’s great to see a ball of fire burn your folks to the ground. Altogether this type of gameplay got me invested in how he attacked I also got addicted to leveling up my titan seen what happened he can release on my foes.

Anybody remember battle for middle-earth this game reminds me of a lite version of that game. Altogether and surprisingly having a blast with the gameplay.


The graphics lush and detail these graphics blow me away.the troops look like fecal matter ok sacrifices must be made the titans do look amazing they are detailed and massive. The base looks just as good and seeing your base gradually build itself up is really going to look at. However the troops have low poly counts and look like army men on the battlefield. I’m sure this was done to account for the many troops on camera and well the titans it’s an aspect that looks out of place but it’s forgivable.



also the navigation is slow the game seems to stutter and drop frame rates as well not sure if this is because of my device or if the game is just pushing too much graphically lies. Basically think of an early two thousands pc game mix with a 2016 mobile game and that’s the graphics. With all that said the graphics are crisp clean and mythical to look at.



Finally replay ability how far can I get into this game without spinning actual real cash, it’s a waiting game really wait to upgrade, wait for troops been recast to move along faster or spend it on gems for more Titans. we’ve seen this model a million times and because of that it’s business as usual the campaign gets really challenging and upgrading is a must. just be patient attack other players upgrade and venture forward the game is slow paced like the titans movement in battle altogether enjoy what’s free and don’t speed real cash just to speed along. now I rate this games on a 3.0 scale that’s download it maybe if you’re bored and waste of space.

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