Star Wars Force Arena Cheats Iphone-Android

Star Wars Force Arena is the easiest MOBA out there. I can name several games that I have played a lot before and this has to. be one of the best controls ever. I think a lot of people don’t understand how to play the characters. Weaker characters like the Emperor and Leia require a bit of finesse and deck construction to master. Some of the characters are better as support roles. Don’t use them in 1v1 unless you practice with them first in training mode. They also need to work out a better way to get more packs or at least increase the drop rates for the rarer items.

The Card mechanics are good, graphics are very nice. But I just want to warn you that this game really grab some cash, if you don’t have any money to spend on this game, don’t play it, its useless because you will always going to be the tail while those that can spend money will always lead the game. This is the new trends of mobile games, its a pay to win. Unlike computer,Xbox, playstation and other will you only pay once. It’s getting more expensive to play mobile games today.

So make up your mind either you really want to play this game or not. You want to play because you have money to burn but wait we don’t want to waste our time developing a program that many Star Wars players can benefit. I am not endorsing anything here. In fact I forbid you to use this Star Wars Force Arena cheats because if you are using this you are not going support and continue supporting the developer of this game. W just made this tool available online to those who cant afford to spend more money.

This Cheat tool can give you Crystals and credits in you account. Once you start using our tool please do not overdo it. Otherwise there is a big chance that your account will be banned because you have so much resources, its causes a redflag. So take my advice and use it wisely. I know its really exciting to have so many crystal and credit because you can update and become one of the strongest and able to compete in the game with those who spend hundreds of dollars.

Features of this cheats

1. It can give you as many crystal you want.
2. same as credits
3. This tool is compatible with IOS/Android Devices
4. Its safe to use as it cannot be trace.
5. Its safe for your devices as you dont need to download any apk or exe files this is an online application.

Get your unlimited crystals and credits  here:


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