Pokémon Crystal Version Rom for Windows, Linux & Mac IOS and Android

Playing Pokémon Crystal Version in your computer needs 3ds emulator which you can also download it here without that emulator you cannot play it. You can also get here Pokémon Crystal Version Rom all you have to do is to follow the process. If you are only playing this game in your Nintendo gadget it’s not actually boring but you cannot enjoy to the fullest why the screen is very small. Whereas if you’re going to use your MAC or Windows PC the monitor is big so will surely going to enjoy the graphics and everything.


Download both here the 3ds emulator and the Pokémon Crystal Version Rom

Pokemon Crystal Version: Newest Releases

Playing Pokemon Crystal in Game Boys is one of the best experiences for those who love Pokémon video games. There are plenty of things you can enjoy about this Pokemon game such as fighting Elite Four, Trading Pokémon and doing some great progress in the game. As you can see Nintendo is really making a name with regards to entertainment and specifically the Pokémon video games. Even right now there are millions of people who are following Pokémon franchise and products.

In the past we have been experiencing the entertainment of Pokémon Blue version and now Pokémon Crystal version is here. Pokémon Crystal Version is the new entry of the second generation of video games of the Pokémon games. This is their latest expansion and re-edition of the two video games which we enjoy in the past Pokémon Silver and Gold version. You will begin in the game with an avatar who is a trainer who will begin his journey to become a Pokémon tamer and becoming a champion after plenty missions and quests you are accomplishing.

Naturally the mechanic of the game is very basic especially if you are already exposed to the previous ones. Just like any popular Pokémon games, your task is defeat those tough gym masters and if you are ready you can challenge the difficult Elite Four by taming and developing them into a stronger Pokémon. Of course, the significant thing about the game is the idea of challenging the best trainers all over the region and learns techniques from every battle and will become your advantage during tough battle. You need to learn the different attack patterns and discovering ideal skills to deal with strong Pokemons.

The effectiveness of your Pokémon strength may vary from its stats and levels and you gaining EXP for them is really important which is acquired during battles. As usual these Pokémon’s will have a chance to evolve which makes the battle really interesting. During evolution all characters in Pokémon Crystal Version will have a change of appearance and increasing the power level. You can capture these Pokemons with the use of Pokeballs and capturing these Pokemons in different kind is another wonderful thing you can do playing the video game.

You don’t worry about where to hunt for these Pokemons because while you are roaming around the town and having fun Pokemons are available in different varieties and sometimes you can find rare Pokemon which is really one of the best thing can happen if you are playing Pokemon Crystal Version. So are you ready for the best Pokemon video game today? Check out now Pokemon Crystal Version for your best Pokemon experience.

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Top 5 3DS Games of 2017

The 3DS handheld is evolving as the year ends. There are games that are too good play. Here is the list of popular games that you can try out.Also if you want to get any of the game you can always go straight to Nintendo Store

#1:Legend of Zelda: The Link between Worlds

Legend of Zelda: The Link between Worlds

Zelda games consist of two types, the primary one is a 3D adventure titled Ocarina of Time. This one has become one of the best games in Zelda Games. The other one is the classic 2D adventure and one of the original. Gamers really love to play this game because of long play and amazing stories that capture gamers’ attention.

Legend of Zelda: The Link between Worlds Gameplay HD



#2:Monster Hunter Generation: One of the biggest franchise for 3DS Console game.

Monster Hunter Generation Nintendo 3ds game

The game is featured with classic style and fighting monster for a kill in order to accumulate experience, unlocking skills and most all items that can be good for weapon enhancement. Great features of the game is you can do cooperative mode and connect the online mode, you can accompany gamers to hunt down monster or you can duel other players.


#3: Super Smash Bros:

Super Smash Bros

The different game style of Mario games, a fighting games category and one of the best fighting game on 3DS. This game has lots of roster of fighting character and lots of fighting arena. The game is a very successful franchise and the top leading game. The Super Smash Bros is quite similar to the Wii U version, but there is one distinction and that is the graphics section. The handheld version is not that good in graphics because it is more compressed when it comes to details. The console system is heavy and far more detailed.


#4: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon:

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3ds nintendo game

Gamers never thought this game exists, and from the start it always was seen zoned. One gamer tried this game and ended up addicted to it. He challenged his buddies to play the game. Sharing and recommendation made the game more popular to other gamers. It’s kind of a scary game, with Luigi investigating the five haunted mansions while at the same time wanting to resolve the mysteries that each mansion hides.


#5:Picross 3D: Round 2:

Picross 3D: Round 2 nintendo game

A simple puzzle game yet popular to gamers. This is a very challenging game as this can use up 90 percent of your puzzle skills. The game has a 3D interface with a unique geometry bases type puzzle. Based on the information I gather, the game is fully developed in one year.


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Why 3DS is Better than Vita

The Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita have placed incredible video games within players’ hands over the very last four or five years. However, they each offer an extremely diverse experience. Each system has become full grown and spotted lots of modifications, once more they have probably achieved their particular final form, it is the perfect time to compare the two.

When you were starting to ask Sony the particular primary reason behind the Vita’s failing is, they might most likely cite the increase of smartphones as the culprit. Shuhei Yoshida stated just as much a year ago whenever asked whether Sony would certainly ever to push out a Vita successor, declaring that “the climate is not really healthy for the time being due to the huge dominance of mobile video gaming.” Even though the mobile gaming market is not the only real reason for the Vita’s poor reception, Nintendo’s 3DS performed pretty much for itself regardless of competitors from smartphones and tablets, it is one of the major causes the Vita failed to create most of an impact.

Even though Vita still probably provide a superior gaming experience as a result of the device’s actual physical controls and visual features, an advantage which usually admittedly is becoming less essential since 2012, generally, there simply isn’t much need any longer for any dedicated portable video gaming device in a place where everybody currently features a perfectly functional gaming machine within their pocket. People can simply carry everything around with them and there’s virtually no way they’re likely to select the Vita over their phone. The Vita continues to have its place, however generally there just is not a legitimate place for this anymore within a world awash along with smartphones and also tablets that may do pretty much exactly the same thing and more.

The 3DS is not a particularly user-friendly machine to try out with at first. Mixing needle stylus get the direction slider and also joypad is not something many people can do having a mere two hands a prehensile tail will be valuable! Having said that, you will utilize to “chopsticking it” using the needle stylus and then you are able to handle all inputs easily. Couple of games are expecting you to do this with a fast pace anyway, however the user interface is unquestionably less simple to live with as it could be.

The Vita, using its twin joysticks, sturdy buttons and also touch sensitive back pad, is actually much easier to use. The twin stick approach, right now prevalent on consoles, is actually evidently simpler to get the hang of and the Vita’s controls feel much more reliable than those on the 3DS. The double stick has additionally demonstrated useful in well-known genres such as first person shooters and several racing video games.

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Full Download plus the Crack Keys – PC Game

Where to download  Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for free . look no further you can download the game  here its fully working.  and its easy to follow instrruction and the crack inside it works with  WINDOWS PC and MAC.

Note: This game is also release in Steam if you have a steam account you can get it there.

What are the PC Requirements for this game? :

Intel i3 CPU, coupled with a GTX 750 ti and 4GB RAM  you dnt have to have a high end pc but if you want to really play the game in super hd quality perhaps you are required to get good specs.




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Farming Simulator 17 Full Download Crack For Windows PC, MAC,PS4, XboxOne

You can download the farming simulator 17 crack for Windows PC, MAC,PS4, Xbox One here but not on any older version of the due to some hardware or system requirements So if you have any of that and I have put it below the minimum requirement for this game that you can play.


Obviously I play the last two version of this game before the farming simulator 16 and 15.It was all worth the play. If you have enjoy the previous one then, this must be in your bucket list or to buy game, I can tell there a lot of additional accessories and equipment and trucks to be use for farming. So what are you waiting for download the game below its works without a problem and most of all there is no virus.


Download here:

For  Windows




For PS4





Farming Simulator 17 Minimum Requirements
CPU:     Info
CPU Speed:     2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD dual-core processor
RAM:     2 GB
OS:     Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Video Card:     Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 Series, AMD Radeon HD 6770 graphics card or better (min 1 GB VRAM)

Yesterday on August 26, 2016 the Giants software released some more vehicles for farming simulator 17 on their official website. We’re going to talk about those in just a second but I’d also like to talk about something else with regard to what systems the game is actually going to be released for.

If you actually go to the farming simulator 17 website you’re going to see and you click on the games, oddly enough I’m not able to find farming simulator 15 on the website for pc anymore. Like right here format pc i should have farming simulator 17 and I should be able to scroll down and find farming simulator 15 but it is mysteriously absent unless maybe I go to the by now tab which I’m not even going to worry about.

But a lot of people are saying when you click on farming simulator 17 you see farming simulator 17 you’ve got all these icons mac, ps4, xbox one, ps3, xbox 360, mobile ps4 well 3ds and PSvita. A lot of people are interpreting that to mean that farming simulator 17 is coming out for all these systems and unfortunately that’s not the case. if you click on the Mac you’ll get the mac OSX farming simulator 17, ps4 xbox one both are farming simulator 17

but if you click on ps3 or the xbox 360 you’re going to get links to the farming simulator 15 version mobile, you’ve got farming simulator 16 ds3 is farming sim 14 and PS Vita is also farming simulator 16 so that pretty much clears it up.

Farming simulator 17 is not coming out for xbox 360 or playstation 3 I’m sorry I feel really bad to the old the guys with the order systems that’s just the way progress works the older systems just are not capable of running the newer version because of ram requirements and in other hardware requirements that just don’t exist on the older consoles.

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Accidents that Happened to do – Pokemon GO

Accidents that Happened to do – Pokemon GO

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1. Team gets hit by a car on the highway playing pokemon go. A 15 year old girl named autumn dies Roth was playing pokemon go when she lost track of where she was and crossed an intersection 20 miles outside Pittsburgh. Unfortunately there was a car coming at the same time and she was it according to autumn she was forced to cross a four-lane road to catch the pokemon that was in her sight. Her mother Tracey Nolan blames the game for her daughter being injured she may have been better off teaching her daughter to play carefully rather than blaming the game.

2. India’s first Pokemon go accident occurs in Mumbai with all of the pokemon go related accidents being reported India recently registered its first a 26 year old car dealer named chubby rally was sitting in his car playing pokemon go for the first time when he ran his Mercedes into an autorickshaw he was on his way home when the accident occurred landing is for sadies in the body shop we now plans to create awareness to be careful and aware when playing the game.

3.Many accidents reported since pokemon goes release in japan a 21 year old office worker rammed his car into another vehicle and natsu three cars were involved in the accident and the man who caused it said that he got carried away playing pokemon go since the game’s release on july twenty second the National Police Agency has reported 36 traffic accidents and 71 road violations do – Pokemon go in one of the scariest and most dangerous accidents reported a university student was playing the game while walking on a road in osha maan bhi ho chi cho he was so engrossed in the game that he did not notice a bear just a few feet away luckily he looked up in time and managed to avoid the animal and it was not harmed.

4. Major highway accident caused by pokemon go this is one of the most serious accidents that happened due to pokemon go the 26 year old Massachusetts man named Lamar Dixon is accused of causing one of the worst highway accidents in history by stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu after the accident he told police that he was playing the popular game while driving he told them that if you’re going to catch pokemon you need to take a risk so he put his car in park and began throwing pokeballs the charges against tix and are still pending and luckily nobody involved in the accident was injured one of the accident victims told reporters that he was also playing
pokemon go when the accident occurred.

5. Pokemon go player crashes into a cop car the Baltimore Police Department released a video of a man crashing into their car while playing pokemon go fortunately nobody was hurt the man admitted immediately that he was playing the game and the game was still running when he got out of his car to talk to police the man can be heard in the video saying that’s what i get for playing this dumb ass game the police released the video to remind pokemon go players that they need to pay attention while playing the game because serious accidents can occur the man was cited for driving while distracted and for a few other traffic
chances are he won’t be playing pokemon go while behind the wheel in the future

6. Rhode island man assaults nice / pokemon go dispute this may not
be an actual accident however it is one of the most mortifying pokemon go incidents to date according to police a 44 year old cranston rhode island man named colada do Barra invited his niece to go with him to a Pokemon gym he told her that she could go to the virtual gym with him but she could not go inside when she did he became angry when she told him that it was just a game it infuriated him further he went into an angry rage and pulled her out of the driver’s seat of the car through the window and then threw her on the ground when she was down he began kicking her in the ribcage fubar I took off and his niece was treated at the hospital for bruises and hair loss the man was on the run for a few days before turning himself in to police

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