3 Most well known Egyptian gods on Egyptian mythology only.

meaning no Pharaohs or Greek gods will be included you have my leave to go

1.Saw Back easily identifiable by his crocodile head this ancient Egyptian deity offered protection from the dangers of the Nile and while sawback was originally acknowledged as the actual creator of the river and perhaps even of the world is primarily associated with fertility military and for Ronan power were also in his purview the ancient Egyptians were known to mummify Crocs with the hope of receiving special care from saw back in the afterlife not the colonists of gods but certainly one of the most respected sawback is sometimes reference as an extension of both Horace and raw.

2.THOTH now here’s an Egyptian god known for his calm and calculating ways originally functioning as a moon god Thoth was later reference as the designer of the universe itself while also being recognized as the mediator between good and evil in other words both kept Egyptians and check through education even coming to be credited with the invention of writing a multi-faceted deity to be sure and one with either an Ibis or a baboon head thought inspired the beautiful Egyptian art that continues to amaze the world somebody had to maintain the universe and this God made it look easy in the eyes of those who offered worship.

2.GEB he’s the father of snakes and had one heck of a laugh it was believed that gives booming cackles produced earthquakes while he’s tears filled the Earth’s oceans. Sometimes connected with a divine goose and sometimes deemed partially responsible for a World egg. Gab is usually mostly recognized for vegetation along the Nile and for being a ruler over tunes above all can have the ultimate say as to which of the Dead ascended to the sky and which remained in the earth plagued by heavy guilt. Both the facilitator and a dangerous being Geb could easily rock the ancient Egyptian world.

3.Seth as one of the sons of get this Egyptian god was known to be violent in fact he dismembered his own brother Osiris as a result set often feuded with Osiris son Horus giving rise to one of the classic tales of Egyptian mythology ultimately set complimented horses rule of the arable land by taking charge of the Egyptian deserts while set has become associated with dominating tactics. He’s also been vilified for his scheming ways either within his own family hierarchy or by client to seduce Horace for more power at the end of the proverbial day though the Red Desert belonged to Seth.

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