Pokémon Crystal Version Rom for Windows, Linux & Mac IOS and Android

Playing Pokémon Crystal Version in your computer needs 3ds emulator which you can also download it here without that emulator you cannot play it. You can also get here Pokémon Crystal Version Rom all you have to do is to follow the process. If you are only playing this game in your Nintendo gadget it’s not actually boring but you cannot enjoy to the fullest why the screen is very small. Whereas if you’re going to use your MAC or Windows PC the monitor is big so will surely going to enjoy the graphics and everything.


Download both here the 3ds emulator and the Pokémon Crystal Version Rom

Pokemon Crystal Version: Newest Releases

Playing Pokemon Crystal in Game Boys is one of the best experiences for those who love Pokémon video games. There are plenty of things you can enjoy about this Pokemon game such as fighting Elite Four, Trading Pokémon and doing some great progress in the game. As you can see Nintendo is really making a name with regards to entertainment and specifically the Pokémon video games. Even right now there are millions of people who are following Pokémon franchise and products.

In the past we have been experiencing the entertainment of Pokémon Blue version and now Pokémon Crystal version is here. Pokémon Crystal Version is the new entry of the second generation of video games of the Pokémon games. This is their latest expansion and re-edition of the two video games which we enjoy in the past Pokémon Silver and Gold version. You will begin in the game with an avatar who is a trainer who will begin his journey to become a Pokémon tamer and becoming a champion after plenty missions and quests you are accomplishing.

Naturally the mechanic of the game is very basic especially if you are already exposed to the previous ones. Just like any popular Pokémon games, your task is defeat those tough gym masters and if you are ready you can challenge the difficult Elite Four by taming and developing them into a stronger Pokémon. Of course, the significant thing about the game is the idea of challenging the best trainers all over the region and learns techniques from every battle and will become your advantage during tough battle. You need to learn the different attack patterns and discovering ideal skills to deal with strong Pokemons.

The effectiveness of your Pokémon strength may vary from its stats and levels and you gaining EXP for them is really important which is acquired during battles. As usual these Pokémon’s will have a chance to evolve which makes the battle really interesting. During evolution all characters in Pokémon Crystal Version will have a change of appearance and increasing the power level. You can capture these Pokemons with the use of Pokeballs and capturing these Pokemons in different kind is another wonderful thing you can do playing the video game.

You don’t worry about where to hunt for these Pokemons because while you are roaming around the town and having fun Pokemons are available in different varieties and sometimes you can find rare Pokemon which is really one of the best thing can happen if you are playing Pokemon Crystal Version. So are you ready for the best Pokemon video game today? Check out now Pokemon Crystal Version for your best Pokemon experience.

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Rule of Survival Cheats that work on IOS and Android Get unlimited Diamonds

You may choose either you will buy their currency with your money or you will use our Rule of Survival Cheats online, which there is no need for you to download it as long as you have in internet connection then you can use this anytime of the day, no downtime.


Click here to use the Rule of Survival Cheats Tool Online


rule of survival cheats online for ios and android


Below is the amount of  In-App Purchases

60 diamonds $0.99
300 diamonds $4.99
600 diamonds $9.99
1200 diamonds $19.99
Mystic Pack 1 $0.99
Mystic Pack 2 $1.99
Vanguard Pass $0.99
Elite Pass $4.99
Mystic Pack 3 $2.99
Mystic Pack 4 $4.99

As a hardcore programmer which I major in cheating mobile game I also love gaming and  The first time I downloaded Rules Of Survival I spent hours upon hours playing this game and I have bought also a gamepad to make my  playing more awesome. This is just an amazing game but, the bugs are everywhere I know it since because this game is also coded and I am a coder. We all know they keep updating the game but it also keeps on crashing. Also I have no problem with currency in the game since I have my own Rule of Survival Cheats and by the way I am using an android phone But don’t worry if you’re an IOS user they too can also work with  Apple phone.

Main problem of Rule of  Survival :

  1. It keeps crashing
  2. aiming & shooting its hard to aim  to  your enemy and shoot so my advice if you are playing this to your phone  buy a gamepad.
  3. When every update is available you have to download  600mb files, why the update are really that big?
  4. so many lag
    5.slow loading
    6.network error.
    7.bad control
    8. low frame rate

But my advice  for any MOBILE player of this game is to wait for the bugs to be fixed as they are working so hard t make this game perfect

Tell me are you going to buy everything in there with new gear  they offer in the game. I remember the time when people ask me to create cheats for Mobile Strike because you need to spend more money with every offer they have. It’s like forcing you to buy something because if you are not going to buy you will be continue to be a weakling.

My recommendation if you are playing this game in your mobile phone  first you need  to purchase a gamepad  its freaking annoying  to play without it. I really like this game not just because of the graphics but I can get any stuff in there for free because I am using the Rules of Survival Cheats we have programmed to work with their server online. I also like the surrounding its very real, the grass, the houses and everything.  I have to admin first time I am playing it I feel dizzy after several minutes.

Rule of Survival: Shooting Experience in Mobile

What you are hearing right now is the buzz of the PlayerUknown’s Battle Grounds in the PC game. The game is massive deathmatch which makes you the lone survivor in the land filled with human-controlled avatars. So it can be a surprise for to find out that the idea can be seen in a mobile game. This means that Rules of Survival is influence by this concept. You can play the game in a battle royale in the island. You play in the game with your avatar wearing a vest and a trouser for your survival.

However does it really get the idea of Battle Ground which is now a huge success on PC? The primary things you get to observe concerning the video game is how poorly translated. While almost text box which appears seems like it is pass through a translator before you can fully understand the information. While there are plenty of crashes you can encounter in the game along with the sluggish feature which makes you have a difficult time to access the game.

Now that you can begin the game or at least it will lead you to a concept of a third- person shooter in the mobile phone. To summarize, if you are impress with controls in the screen of your mobile devices then you can begin to have fun with it. There are plenty of issues in the actual gameplay. Although with regards to mobility it is very awkward and the shooting is not really good and to be honest making sure you need to have a phone with a big screen to fully play the game.

However, the game still get the idea of giving the game the tension especially when you want to eliminate someone or you just want to survive from any other attacks of the enemy. Another thrilling moment when you play in the game is when you are hiding; Rules of Survival is the ideal mobile game. In case you are hit in the back you may as well need to jump and down in the area. In case you will die Rules of Survival the game will somehow crash and you cannot earn any points.

Should we play Rules of Survival? Well, that decision should be for you alone and you don’t need the review to influence your decision. On the other hand if you want PlayerUnknownBattleGround on your mobile devices, you might as well try Rules of Survival.

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Golf Clash Cheats that work on IOS and Android Get unlimited Gems and Coins

Best Free Golf Clash Cheats App Online

Golf Clash Cheats: How to get free Gems and Coins to be use in your account . Lets get straight. This post is useful yes for anybody who do not likes to use your moms credit card to buy currency in the game.Through our site you are welcome to use our private online application for golf clash game. If you don’t believe this tool then whats the point of reading this article get out of my site.

What are you waiting for click the link below to get to the online cheat App

Link to Golf Clash Cheats

But wait we spent lots of time making this possible for anybody. I believe why you came to my site and that is to look on how to cheat the game and how to get unlimited gems and coins. Either your an IOS or Android users I tell you frankly this cheats is for you. use this. We offer cheats for this game.

Several Advantage When using the Golf Clash Cheats?

Using Cheats in the game makes the game easier to win and to be at the top of anyone

1.If you have plenty of money to burn on this game then Please do use your money to buy gems and coins because we have never develop this tool to be use by people who have so many money. Tool like gets you unlimited gems and coins

2. Upon finishing running our app you will automatically have enormous amount of resource in your golf clash account and by having it you can get any stuff I mean all the stuff you needs and upgrades


Golf Clash: Great Swing

If you want an ideal easy golfing game, then Golf Clash is here. The game is very wonderful game to play for those who want to kill time. The game presents a game style of one versus one, together with the cool shot system that will give you hint to learn techniques and become expert in it. Furthermore the game it has microtransaction which give s gamer a chance to purchase helpful transaction. With this in-app purchase you will have great chance to be successful since you will be given great bonuses.

The central concept of Golf Clash is a balance one. You will begin directly in a good match with a real player or perhaps you can challenge a bot. Since this is a golf match you will be given time to execute and after that you will have to wait for your turn while your opponent executes the golf shots. Your objective is to shoot the ball in the hole before your opponents will do. Make sure to line up the shot if you want a great shot. Another thing, you need to do the right timing when you do shot, although this kind of performance is possible for player with great skills.

Taking a shot should not be in a hurry but you need to take the process with patience so that you will learn the technique with ease. Although the game will not give you a practice mode, you will learn the game as you have fu discovering the game right idea. You will begin as a beginner which a good thing since you doesn’t have to invest money to participate the game. Although later on as you progress in the game and the courses will cost you game currency, while you invest money you will be rewarded with more money if you win. If you use money in the game, this will give you a great advantage, since Golf Clash will be more fun if you use money. If you want to enjoy the game Golf Clash download now for your entertainment.


Some downside of this game:

1. There is no option where we can skip when opponents turn or fast forwards.
2. Also there I no setting where we can send some invitation to play with our friends online.


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