Best Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC & Android

Are you looking for Nintendo 3DS Emulator for android google Play? Or are you a fan of Nintendo games and you are having a hard time to play on some specific console particularly on android Google Play? This article will give you some insights for an ideal 3DS emulator to play Nintendo 3DS in android.

Emulator continues to give entertainment to those who wants to play Android game in Google Play. Basically, the easiest way to play a video game is the use of PC. Nonetheless, we are very grateful for the creation of emulators, we are able to play most of the consoles which includes the one that’s hard to find. The good news is, even the latest releases will soon be available on the emulator ready for your PC, which also include Nintendo 3DS Emulator for android Google Play.

In case you want to know what is the ideal 3DS emulator for android Google Play which mimic the functionality of the flash memories emulating the Nintendo 3DS system and let you as well play the game on your mobile phones. Furthermore you can switch the default control to your own desired custom ones which fit to your gaming need.

The truth is due to complexity of consoles continue to escalate, it is not easy to emulate and since it requires additional hardware to attain the right emulation. Nonetheless, we appreciate to the brilliant minds of those who develop these emulators and because of that we can easily use ROM just to enjoy these consoles. In case you have heard of Citra, this is a very wonderful Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for android Google Play and PC. You can have a 100 percent chance of enjoying a video game just like its original console. Together with its 3D graphics and great resolutions featured during play, you will have a great visual to play the game.

In 2015 Open Source development introduces it primary version as test software which are not included and you need to manage from the command line. After few years Citra is very functional to run most of the video games resolutions 400 x 200 in 60 fps from the main screen. This kind of emulator will make video games sure to play and safe,

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for android Google Play and PC will give users an advantage of using the device with different modes of visualization modified to different video games.

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The Sims Mobile Cheats 2018 – The Sims Mobile Hack

The Sims Mobile Cheats Hack Features

The Sims Mobile cheats Online App is the newest hack tool .Important Points Listed below:

  • Free SimCash  : Choose how much SimCash choice Gems and earn unrestricted SimCash.
  • Free Boop Bedroom Pack  : Use choice Pack and earn unrestricted Pack.
  • 99,99% UptimeThe Sims Mobile Tool  always online, keep 98% up-time our dedicate server is very powerful.
  • Support : Our Sims Mobile Cheat Support both of Android & IOS Users.
  • Downloading is not Required : Use online hack much better than obtain, no virus!
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Use our tool below to have the resources you desire!.

Do the Cheats App Online Works?

There is no point of putting an online tools to be use by anybody to get free SimCash and others because it can be a waste of time and coding. And for you to know this “The Sims Mobile” game is only a series of code and its only a programming code that can interact with it . So if you think your a master game coder then why not create your own cheats to hack this game. But i am pretty certain that not everyone have the gift or skills in coding. So if your not and you just want to get more Simcash without having to buy it with real money then use our tool today.You maybe asking why we developed this tool? Our answer is very simple for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for this game then is for them and also you.

Is The Sims Mobile Free to Play?

According to EA This is a Freemium to play but to upgrade like you don’t have to wait for ours or days to get an upgrade then you can always buy Simcash but its not compulsory its all depends with the players. But I have to be honest with you this is the reason why there are millions of mobile game these days that are very available to download to your mobile phone its become there are so much money to be made since players are more lazy and very impatient to upgrade their character or bases. So since they don’t want to wait then what they do they are going to buy it. Yes you heard me right they will buy. Also for the developer side they will do anything make the game more difficult to upgrade imagine to get that afraid done you need to acquire this massive amount of sims or you have to wait for three days or a week or even a month just to upgrade.

The Sims Mobile Cheats Download

As what I have said in the above paragraph you don’t have to download this tool, its online. Downloading is not necessary!, We want our tool to be easily access to anybody around the world as long as you have an internet connection then free to use our tools and enjoy the unlimited resources in your account But note if you have so much resources there will be no challenge.

How to Get Free Simcash for The Sims Mobile Account?

Here is a guide to help everyone earn free Gems:

We are not going to give you a long read of procedure to follow. We developed a tool which is very easy to understand that even a grade-schooler can use it without any problem.

The steps are few below:

First:You have to enter your username name (the username you use in your “the sims mobile” account .

Second:You have to choose how many resources (Simcash) you want to have in your account

Third:You have to click generate and let the application do its work and wait for few moments.

Note: If you want your Sims Mobile Account safe do not overdo it by having so much or unlimited Simcash use only what you needs for week. It’s not recommended to have so much. I am not saying that your account will be in danger as we have never experience it with our several accounts that we use to test our online app. All of them are still active til now.

The Sims Mobile Guide:

For Guide or gameplay you can always check that in youtube/simsmobile. We cannot give you any proven guide for this game since our post here is all about cheating the sims game and that’s what is all about. Letting the world know that instead of spending money to buy simcash , our site gives you free simcash

Using The Sims Mobile Tool for free Simcash is Good?

To be honest if you’re really so liking on this game then perhaps do not use our tool though we recommend this but it’s always good to buy the resources of it and by doing that, you are helping the EA developer to keep them going and developing and upgrading this game. By making it possible takes a long period of time of coding and drawing plus the money being invested and the wages for its developer. So it’s not really cheap. They are so hardcore and skillful in what they do and their salary is no joke which means their time are expensive. But a little secret for you to know that though they invest large amount of money but the return is awesome, I am talking about the profit they are going to be made on this game its 100 fold in return. For Example:

For Sims FreePlay Daily Earning Screenshot

earning of the sims freeplay everyday

For Simcity Buildit Daily Earning Screenshot

earning of the Simcity Buildit everyday

If you look at their earnings per year its keeps on growing and its not about millions, We are talking about billions of dollars. So to conclude their profit is massive, really massive.
take a look at the screenshot of EA earning per year.
earning per year of EA

The Sims Mobile Mechanics and Elements

The Sims Mobile is out now. The largest gaming company the EA, already revealed the trailer. The good thing is that it’s slightly closed to PC version and Mac. It’s expected that the game consumes a lot of memory. The first release will take place in UK and people are excited about the game because they can play away from their house. It would not be the first Sims game but initially a first Sims game on mobile phone. When you look at the graphics and the detailed gameplay, for sure it requires a large RAM and a great phone processor.

A simulation game that focuses on life that people are excited to play. The game is free to play and this is not just a traditional Sims games that you play. Some gamers are having a hard time in the one feature of the game like the real time section. In this area, you have to have the time until it’s available to use especially in time of eating, cleaning and sleeping.

The Sims Mobile will simulate what is life, what is life when you have this kind of lifestyle and what will happen if you do this and do that. Sounds interesting right? Gamers are thrilled for this game. Comparing to the PC version, 80 percent of gamers played this game. Now the game is on mobile version, a 100 percent, and more gamers will able to download the game for good.

On this coming year, people are expecting that this game will exceed every expectation.
Expect the game currency will be higher and expensive for the reason that it is in demand. All of us gamers know the exact plan of the game but we are not worried about it as long as it exceeds our expectation and can entertain us.
We would like to spend a couple of funds like 15 to 25 dollars for just a game currency, buying something to speed up the life simulation. We are hoping that EA would not put a restriction order when apps purchases are being made. If things are good and well balanced, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

The game features is centered by the legacy challenge which means you have to achieve certain career, goals, objectives and the last part would be retirement. Once you reach specific points of achievements, specific features of the game will unlock, like businessman and anything that is beyond you career life.

How to install Sims Mobile APK

The Sims Mobile is the best game for 2018 and if you are having a hard time installing this to your mobile , don’t worry but following this instruction you will surely playing this game in no time. Either if you’re an android or IOS users. Part of my post here it to provide a tutorial on how to install How to install Sims Mobile APK

Download here for IOS:
Download here for Android:

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Top 5 3DS Games of 2017

The 3DS handheld is evolving as the year ends. There are games that are too good play. Here is the list of popular games that you can try out.Also if you want to get any of the game you can always go straight to Nintendo Store

#1:Legend of Zelda: The Link between Worlds

Legend of Zelda: The Link between Worlds

Zelda games consist of two types, the primary one is a 3D adventure titled Ocarina of Time. This one has become one of the best games in Zelda Games. The other one is the classic 2D adventure and one of the original. Gamers really love to play this game because of long play and amazing stories that capture gamers’ attention.

Legend of Zelda: The Link between Worlds Gameplay HD



#2:Monster Hunter Generation: One of the biggest franchise for 3DS Console game.

Monster Hunter Generation Nintendo 3ds game

The game is featured with classic style and fighting monster for a kill in order to accumulate experience, unlocking skills and most all items that can be good for weapon enhancement. Great features of the game is you can do cooperative mode and connect the online mode, you can accompany gamers to hunt down monster or you can duel other players.


#3: Super Smash Bros:

Super Smash Bros

The different game style of Mario games, a fighting games category and one of the best fighting game on 3DS. This game has lots of roster of fighting character and lots of fighting arena. The game is a very successful franchise and the top leading game. The Super Smash Bros is quite similar to the Wii U version, but there is one distinction and that is the graphics section. The handheld version is not that good in graphics because it is more compressed when it comes to details. The console system is heavy and far more detailed.


#4: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon:

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3ds nintendo game

Gamers never thought this game exists, and from the start it always was seen zoned. One gamer tried this game and ended up addicted to it. He challenged his buddies to play the game. Sharing and recommendation made the game more popular to other gamers. It’s kind of a scary game, with Luigi investigating the five haunted mansions while at the same time wanting to resolve the mysteries that each mansion hides.


#5:Picross 3D: Round 2:

Picross 3D: Round 2 nintendo game

A simple puzzle game yet popular to gamers. This is a very challenging game as this can use up 90 percent of your puzzle skills. The game has a 3D interface with a unique geometry bases type puzzle. Based on the information I gather, the game is fully developed in one year.


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As of December this year, we have the most popular mobiles games that include the top voted games, downloaded games and most popular games. Here’s a list of the top 10 popular mobiles games.

#10: Pawn Empire: Bid. This is an auction type of game. A game that gives certain type of object that will double the income of your business. This will give you the hype to grow your business and you’re one of the bidders. In this game you select a very unique item to bid for your starting item and you have an allocated money to buy some stuff that’s good to bid.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire - Android


Android installer here:


Bid Wars: Pawn Empire – Android Gameplay HD



#9: Carcassonne Tiles 7 tactics: This is quite a heavy graphics with stunning detailed gameplay. The game mechanics will let you build your own land. You’re like a god that creates nature. You will be putting certain tales and has an image that you need to put together in sequence.

Carcassonne Mobile Game

Android installer here:

Carcassonne Rules And Game Strategy Tips


#8 Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter: A kind of fighting game that combines Kung Fu and Ninja. Every character has different ability and fighting style. A traditional fighting game that surely captures your attention.

Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter Android

Android installer here:

Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter Android Gameplay

#7 Metal Wings: A traditional flat form and strategic game. The mechanism of the game is not to get hit by them, instead hit them all by your weapon and proceed with precaution. As you level up, you can unlock powerful skills that can aid to your adventure.

Android installer here:

Metal Wings: Elite Force

Metal Wings: Elite Force gameplay

#6 Pocket Legends Adventure: A role playing game that can change to other type of character. You will head over your destination but you have to go through massive enemies and wipe them up. Unlocking skills and enhancing items is a traditional thing you must do in other to withstand strong boss.

Pocket Legends Adventures

Android installer here:

Pocket Legends Adventures gameplay

#5 Sniper Strike: Most of these days, people love to play shooting games and can use multiple weapons. The number one thing you can do is being stealthy. Once you get spotted by the enemies you will have a hard time escaping or shooting them. I would recommend to do silent mode. It earns a lot of experience.

Sniper Strike : Special Ops

Android installer here:

Sniper Strike : Special Ops gameplay

#4 Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z: A kind of fighting and strategy game that involves with 60 characters. Once you level up your character you can unlock another game character as well.

Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z

Android installer here:

Saiyan Dragon Goku: Fighter Z gameplay

#3 Jump Drive: This is one of the addicting games that you can play. The mechanics of the game is to avoid laser tips and pointy objects. Avoid them until the time runs out and explodes.

#2 Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team: Is a Japanese type soccer game that lets you create your own dream team and customize them in your own style.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Android installer here:

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team gameplay

#1 The Sims Mobile: Probably the best simulation game that you can play. You will create your own character as a virtual human and you can perform certain tasks with this virtual human. This game is famous on the west and lots of people really like to play this.

The Sims Mobile

Android installer here: Mobile

The Sims Mobile gameplay

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