Which have more Orgasms Male or Female?

Despite being an amazing, near universal phenomenon, there’s still a lot of speculation around the orgasm’s function and value. But what is the difference between male and female orgasms that we know of, and who has it better? To start, the length of a woman’s orgasm is longer than men, lasting around 20 seconds or more, while males tend to last 3-10 seconds. But, men have more orgasms.

Which have more Orgasms Male or Female?


In a Nationwide Australian survey of heterosexual sex, researches found that men had an orgasm in 95% of encounters while women did only 69% of the time. However, orgasms might have less to do with gender, and more to do with the types of sex you’re having. For example, a study of single Americans aged 21-26 found that while straight and gay men’s rate of orgasm is similar, the rate of orgasm for women varies significantly by sexual orientation. Lesbians have around 12% more orgasms than straight women during sex, with 25% of gay women saying they climaxed with every sexual experience, and almost half saying they climaxed over 75% of the time.



This may be related to the duration of sexual encounters, as lesbian couples report an average length of 30-45 minutes, in comparison to the average 15-30 minutes by straight woman. Other explanations point to genetics. A study of 4000 female twins, found that genetics predicts a third of the probability that a woman orgasms during sex. But what about the way an orgasm feels? A study of college students asked men and women to describe their experience of an orgasm, and then later took out the words related to specific genitalia – and it turns out there was very little distinguishable differences between the sexes. Regardless of your gender, the brain stimulates blood flow to the genitals, and your heartbeat and breathing increase. And while PET scans show significant differences in activation patterns during sexual arousal, brain activity during an orgasm itself is the same between men and women.



The lateral orbit frontal cortex, which controls self evaluation, reason, and control, shuts down in all genders, which makes sense as you often lose control during an orgasm. And the similarities don’t stop there! Both genders get drowsy after orgasm due to the surge in the sleepy hormone probating. Interestingly, 4X as much probating is released after intercourse, compared to orgasm achieved via masturbation, meaning you don’t get as sleepy after a solo session. And while we once thought spontaneous orgasms during sleep, otherwise known as wet dreams, were only for men, one study reports that 37% of women have had nocturnal orgasms, and 30% had had one in the past year. Even multiple orgasms, a phenomenon thought to be exclusively for women as they lack a refractory period has been seen in men as well.



Though male orgasms generally happen simultaneously with ejaculation, research has documented that men are capable of no ejaculatory orgasm, that can occur prior to, as well as after ejaculation. And this shared experience of the orgasm makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Just like when you see someone cry and feel sad for them because you understand it, observing or being part of a partner’s orgasm can enhance the desire and experience of your own. If we had completely different orgasms, that same connection wouldn’t be there. At the end of the day, while sexual arousal may be different between men and women, major differences in orgasm experience likely come down to the individual level – differences in physiology, anatomy, and our psychology play a huge role. So get to know your own body to optimize your sexual experiences 🙂

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Is It Impossible Not To Get Stuck In Traffic ?

There are four billion hours of travel delays in America each year, contributing to pollution, fossil fuel waste and costing us all money; an estimated $87.2 billion dollars! Not to mention traffic is just plain annoying! But is there a solution to your traffic woes? Traffic is often due to construction, an accident, or bottlenecks created by on-ramps and tunnels. But do you ever feel like congestion seems to appear for no reason? You aren’t imagining it! In a 2008 experiment, drivers were instructed to drive along a circular road, following the car in front of them while trying to maintain a constant speed. As the participants drove, they started to have fluctuations in speed.


Traffic is not good


These fluctuations increased, eventually causing cars to stop completely which broke the free flow and led to traffic jams without any added factors. Researchers compare traffic jams to the particles in a liquid and a solid; moving cars are like the free flowing particles in a liquid, but can undergo a ‘phase transition’ to that of a compacted solid. Once the particles/cars reach a critical density, gridlock happens. One of the key reasons gridlock happens is our inability to maintain a constant speed. When a traffic break happens, most accelerate to catch up to the vehicle ahead, resulting in eventual braking, that forces the drivers behind to slow down, cause the jam to grow.



When you’re in a traffic jam, you’re part of the problem. Studies show that 80-90% of drivers think the you’re better than the average driver, which is…impossible. Additionally, as humans our attention is selective, and we tend to forget that other drivers are people too – kind of like commenting online, we can dehumanize other drivers in ways we wouldn’t face-to-face. This leads to jerks on the road – following too closely or constantly changing lanes – which contributes directly to the congestion that creates traffic jams. Thankfully, as a good driver, you can make a difference! Pay attention to the car ahead and behind you to keep a buffer of space around you.


This way, if the driver in front of you brakes, you have room to slow down and wont pass the braking tension along the chain of traffic. Drive slower. Set your car to cruise control or try driving at a consistent speed. In Belgium and the Netherlands, there aren’t a technique implemented at times of high volume known as it block-driving where a chain of cars drive at a consistent speed to help others keep pace. Police have also used this strategy for 15 years, driving at an appropriate pace in groups to keep the flow of traffic moving. Of course, the advent of autonomous self-driving cars will see automobiles that are able to connect and communicate with one another, vehicle-to-vehicle, and is expected to reduce traffic jams significantly.



Additionally, researchers are using biologically inspired algorithms to reduce travel times. In one study, researchers applies a model based on ant travel behaviour as a way to route traffic. Changes in infrastructure work too; recently LA became the first city to synchronize every street light, causing lights to make automatic adjustments based on flow, which has reduced travel time by 14%. Traffic aside, another solution is taking public transit when possible. An MIT study of Boston traffic found that if 1% of current drivers took transit, everyone’s commute would be reduced by 18%.




Of course, companies like Toyota – who supported this episode – are finding new ways to address mobility challenges, developing future technologies to interconnect drivers and vehicles with road infrastructure. Toyota is launching their new Corolla iM Hatchback with the Toyota Safety Sense technologies like pre-collision systems, automatic high beams, and lane departure alert – all of which will be standard and launching across Canada this September. They also have a goal to produce vehicles with zero emissions by 2050 which is something we really support! So, special thanks to Toyota for supporting our channel, and being a leader in the science and technology space

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Farming Simulator 17 Full Download Crack For Windows PC, MAC,PS4, XboxOne

You can download the farming simulator 17 crack for Windows PC, MAC,PS4, Xbox One here but not on any older version of the due to some hardware or system requirements So if you have any of that and I have put it below the minimum requirement for this game that you can play.


Obviously I play the last two version of this game before the farming simulator 16 and 15.It was all worth the play. If you have enjoy the previous one then, this must be in your bucket list or to buy game, I can tell there a lot of additional accessories and equipment and trucks to be use for farming. So what are you waiting for download the game below its works without a problem and most of all there is no virus.


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Farming Simulator 17 Minimum Requirements
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Yesterday on August 26, 2016 the Giants software released some more vehicles for farming simulator 17 on their official website. We’re going to talk about those in just a second but I’d also like to talk about something else with regard to what systems the game is actually going to be released for.

If you actually go to the farming simulator 17 website you’re going to see and you click on the games, oddly enough I’m not able to find farming simulator 15 on the website for pc anymore. Like right here format pc i should have farming simulator 17 and I should be able to scroll down and find farming simulator 15 but it is mysteriously absent unless maybe I go to the by now tab which I’m not even going to worry about.

But a lot of people are saying when you click on farming simulator 17 you see farming simulator 17 you’ve got all these icons mac, ps4, xbox one, ps3, xbox 360, mobile ps4 well 3ds and PSvita. A lot of people are interpreting that to mean that farming simulator 17 is coming out for all these systems and unfortunately that’s not the case. if you click on the Mac you’ll get the mac OSX farming simulator 17, ps4 xbox one both are farming simulator 17

but if you click on ps3 or the xbox 360 you’re going to get links to the farming simulator 15 version mobile, you’ve got farming simulator 16 ds3 is farming sim 14 and PS Vita is also farming simulator 16 so that pretty much clears it up.

Farming simulator 17 is not coming out for xbox 360 or playstation 3 I’m sorry I feel really bad to the old the guys with the order systems that’s just the way progress works the older systems just are not capable of running the newer version because of ram requirements and in other hardware requirements that just don’t exist on the older consoles.

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Here comes Slither.io, another massive online game. This game is all about controlling a snake like icon. It’s function is to consume multicolored round shape or the snakes-like-icon which are controlled by players online throughout the world and the only goal is to get your snake to become bigger and bigger. This game may seem a lot easier to play but you need to be careful not to be eaten by other player’s snake. If you think that you are big enough, of course not there will be other snakes who are much bigger than you and you have to avoid them. I played the game a lot of times but I end up being consumed by others so what I did was I made a cheat for me to become unbeatable.

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