Pokemon Ultra Moon Rom for Windows, Linux & Mac IOS and Android

new pokemon game Pokemon Ultra Moon

Hello Pokémon Gamers I know that you really like the game Pokémon sun and moon and now the new game called Pokémon ultra moon and Pokémon ultra sun is here. I am not going to talk here about the sun but this post is all about POKEMON ULTRA MOON and it’s another game from Nintendo it’s an RPG (role-playing game), Adventure game to play and if you are a PC game and you really want to play this game in your computer you can download it here the Pokémon Ultra Moon Rom this is not only for windows but for MAC and Linux too.

If you think it’s impossible to play this game in pc then leave this site but wait I want you to know regarding this. That playing it in your PC is legit which means its real why because the programming is ever evolving for example who would think that PS4 OR XBOX can be play using an emulator. Most of people i know they are playing their xbox game in their PC. So you think it’s just a lie, no of course not if you have more time in your hand right now instead of downloading the rom for Pokémon Ultra Moon then go ahead search it online so you may believe that its legit.You can purchase the game right here

Everybody is excited to play this game  for sure and if you ask me how do i know that its very simple I saw a video in YouTube about this and you know what in just one day after the upload the views skyrocket  and reaches  500k already plus it rain with so much comments. they cant wait to  have this and play on their computer or whatever  gadget they have.

Download the 3ds emulator and Pokemon Ultra Moon Rom below:


A lot of you may might be afraid to install some application especially from unknown sources but do not be worried about that because when you download the ROM here for the new Nintendo POKEMON game it does not requires you to install the game. It’s a zip file for you to download and you need some application to unzip it like winrar don’t worry just get it online they are absolutely free and save to download just to unzip the files only if you don’t have it.

Depending on the system of your computer the first time you open the it there a window to pop to change the resolution of your monitor just to suit with the game otherwise it will not run smoothly but it’s easy to choose from as there is an option for you to choose the recommended setting . The Application itself will choose which setting is best for you.
Disclaimer: The ‘Nintendo 3DS’ is not owned by us and are trademarks, copyright, etcetera, of Nintendo.

If you want to know more information regarding this new game you can always  go to youtube  or play the embed video.

Watch Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Review

What do I need to download Pokemon Ultra Moon Rom?

The Instruction is very sim0ple you go to have a computer or a phone and also a good internet connection because if you are going to download this to your computer you are reqquired to download the Microsoft’s .NET 4.0 Client which can be downloaded here http://www.microsoft.com/ without that application installed in your computer this ROM aint going to work at all.

For Pokemon Ultra Moon one thing is certain and that is it entails with great changes But I know this is not the greatest game to play. But for me I so like on it. I can’t have enough of this even for Pokémon sun and moon. and the player of pokemon keeps growing so fast especially when the released of pokemon go which was it was the craze around the globe. It’s the talk of everymall , students, kids and everywhere even though there are bad things that happen to somebody. After several development of Nintendo’s games. They have really produce a super nice game, its brilliant, plus the visuals is way better now and the shades are more advance than normal.

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How to download free templates from Template Monster – Secret Method Revealed

You might not want to spend any money for template monster theme right and you want to get it for free from their database but the problem is you don’t know the method or the tricks get any wordpress theme you like. Well it takes an expert online to find a way to do it . That is why we have put the method in the pdf and we can’t just reveal this online, why? Revealing this online is really a bad thing to do, you know it surely raised a red flag to their system. So we make sure that only a handful of people will know this method.

Having any themes you like from template monster is really cool without having to spend any money to have it. But you can’t just download the secret method here without having to undergo a survey like entering your email or something. You choose either you will buy the them from them which is a very good idea for supporting the developer or get here the pdf to know how to get any template monster but a survey is needed, don’t worry it only takes 3 to 3 minutes of your time.

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Who is more Smarter Male or Female, Find it here

The stereotype that men are smarter than women has a long history but in the battle of the sexes who actually has the superior intellect when it comes down to it. Our boys smarter than girl early studies showed that male brains are eight to thirteen percent larger in volume and female brains however business since been attributed to differences in body size.

Women’s brains out more diversification or brain folding and as a result the greater cortical surface area besides bigger isn’t always better sperm whales and dolphins all have larger brains than humans and while they are smart their cognitive abilities are less than our own.

There are other structural differences though like males having more connections within hemispheres while women have more connections between hemispheres but overall MRI brain imaging shows significant overlap in the physical structure between the sexes.

After studying 1400 brains and comparing the sexes researchers found that mostly all men and women show among female and male typical structures in the brain. The study also evaluated to gender stereotypical behaviors like how video games are often considered male behavior scrapbooking is female and the results found only 0.1 percent of test subjects displayed only male or only female typical behaviour.

Test on intelligence find similar results with major I two studies showing negligible or no sex differences in general intelligence but do show women having stronger verbal abilities while men show stronger visual spatial abilities.

Interestingly studies show more male variance and test with their scores being both the worst and the best one meta-analysis of 22 studies did find meant to be 3.3 25.5 IQ point above women but this study has been called into question by academics who found the methodology flawed.

In academic performance of language math and science women consistently receive better grades in seventy percent of nations but on s80 testing in the u.s. mens or 33 points higher in math and science. other tests like the program for international student assessment show both sexes performing equally in several countries with girls performing better and some like Iceland suggesting cultural and environmental differences and not necessarily biological differences at play.

But researchers found that stereotypes about women’s performance actually impacts how well they do when told that a particular map test had significant gender differences women performed significantly worse than their male peers while women who were told there was no difference scored the same.

This phenomenon is known as the stereotype threat even Google search data shows that parents are 2.5 times more likely to search is my son gifted then is my daughter gifted. Despite eleven percent more girls and gifted programs in america and girls pick up on these biases as early as six years old when told the story at age five about a person who is really really smart both boys and girls associate intelligence with their own gender but by age 6 both girls and boys picked a male character as the smartest.

in a similar experiment kick your ass if they wanted to play a game for people who are really really smart and again at age five both sexes wanted to play but my age six girls decided these games weren’t for them. And the women do strive to work in STEM fields studies show their face barriers and a double-blind studies science faculty from research universities rated application for a lab manager position what they didn’t know is that the applications were randomly assigned either male or female names.

As a result faculty perceived the mail applicant things to be significantly more competent hireable and deserving of mentoring even though the applications with female names were identical. Male were also offer higher starting salaries an average of thirty thousand verses the females 26,000 so these studies present a sobering reality research says point2 greater equality between the sexes with passing decades and education and in spite of these barriers women continue to contribute to our collective scientific knowledge.

Rosalind Franklin allowed us to understand our own DNA Katherine Johnson help Apollo 11 land on the moon and this year area music honey is the first woman to win a Nobel Prize for mathematics. Fellow mathematician Isabella lava said music honey selection does exactly nothing to convince me that women are capable of doing mathematical research at the same level as men i have never had any doubt about that in the first place. What I take from it instead is that we as a society and women alike are becoming better at encouraging and nurturing mathematical talent and women and more capable of recognizing excellence and women’s work.

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3 Most well known Egyptian gods on Egyptian mythology only.

meaning no Pharaohs or Greek gods will be included you have my leave to go

1.Saw Back easily identifiable by his crocodile head this ancient Egyptian deity offered protection from the dangers of the Nile and while sawback was originally acknowledged as the actual creator of the river and perhaps even of the world is primarily associated with fertility military and for Ronan power were also in his purview the ancient Egyptians were known to mummify Crocs with the hope of receiving special care from saw back in the afterlife not the colonists of gods but certainly one of the most respected sawback is sometimes reference as an extension of both Horace and raw.

2.THOTH now here’s an Egyptian god known for his calm and calculating ways originally functioning as a moon god Thoth was later reference as the designer of the universe itself while also being recognized as the mediator between good and evil in other words both kept Egyptians and check through education even coming to be credited with the invention of writing a multi-faceted deity to be sure and one with either an Ibis or a baboon head thought inspired the beautiful Egyptian art that continues to amaze the world somebody had to maintain the universe and this God made it look easy in the eyes of those who offered worship.

2.GEB he’s the father of snakes and had one heck of a laugh it was believed that gives booming cackles produced earthquakes while he’s tears filled the Earth’s oceans. Sometimes connected with a divine goose and sometimes deemed partially responsible for a World egg. Gab is usually mostly recognized for vegetation along the Nile and for being a ruler over tunes above all can have the ultimate say as to which of the Dead ascended to the sky and which remained in the earth plagued by heavy guilt. Both the facilitator and a dangerous being Geb could easily rock the ancient Egyptian world.

3.Seth as one of the sons of get this Egyptian god was known to be violent in fact he dismembered his own brother Osiris as a result set often feuded with Osiris son Horus giving rise to one of the classic tales of Egyptian mythology ultimately set complimented horses rule of the arable land by taking charge of the Egyptian deserts while set has become associated with dominating tactics. He’s also been vilified for his scheming ways either within his own family hierarchy or by client to seduce Horace for more power at the end of the proverbial day though the Red Desert belonged to Seth.

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Is Mobile Phones like Iphone or Samsung Bad for your Health?

Find or read it here if you t think cellphone  really  hazardous to your health or not since  lots of people are really freaking out when it comes   things that can affect their health

Are cell phones risky? Cell phones are everywhere. There are over six billion cell phone subscriptions worldwide – nearly one for every man, woman, and child on the planet. And many people claim they can no longer live without them. But are they safe? Is it possible that something so near and dear to us could be risky? And if so, what kind of risk would it be? For starters, Most cell phones these days use lithium- ion batteries, which, as a previous Risk Bites explored, can present a fire risk if you abuse them.


But so long as you don’t treat your phone like a racketball, you’re probably okay. Then there’s the non-ionizing radiation. Like other wireless electronic appliances, cell phones use high-frequency radio waves to do their thing. These radio waves allow the phone to communicate with satellites, computers, and other phones, which in turn allow us to communicate with each other. What makes cell phones different from other wireless appliances is that we have a habit of holding them next to our heads.



So it’s perhaps not surprising that researchers have asked if there is any risk associated with extended exposure to cell phone radiation. To put it bluntly, they want to know: can cell phones give you brain cancer? Researchers in the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, and other countries have been looking into the question since cell phones first hit the market in the nineteen eighties.


For years, they have tracked cases of phone usage and brain cancer across time and geography. After decades of research and massive studies using hundreds of thousands of people from multiple countries, the answer is a resounding: probably not. In two thousand and eleven, the World Health Organization pulled together a group of experts from around the world to review the available data on cell phone radio waves and cancer. Their conclusion? The vast majority of evidence shows no increase risk associated with cell phone use. However, a slender few reports did find a slight association between cell phone use and cancer.


So, the WHO, being a cautious body, declared cell phone radio wave emissions to be possible human carcinogen. What does this mean? Simply that the isn’t enough evidence to be sure either way – we can’t say that cell phones are unsafe. But we can’t say that cell phones are one hundred-percent entirely safe yet either. That may sound scary, but before you cancel your phone subscription, consider that this category of possible carcinogens also includes coffee and pickled vegetables.Surprisingly, the best studied risk associated with cell phones comes not from the phone itself.


and if you think cellphone can only be use with important stuff like calling and sendign message to another person  you wrong with todays recent phone  you can use it even for entertainment even playing games like csr racing  game.

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Depression Sucks Better Find A Way to Overcome It

Depressive disorder is different from just any sadness that comes from disappointment or sorrow. he word disorder means an abnormal physical or mental condition. Patients suffering from depressive disorder or depression are in a longer state of sadness than normal to the point that it disrupts normal daily activities because of symptoms like insomnia, inability to focus on lack of appetite complete loss of interest.

Everything just seems terrible. Depression can come from many different causes like genetics and chemical imbalances in the brain but it’s most often triggered by a traumatic event like the loss of a loved one or personal failure. just because someone is suffering from depression it doesn’t mean that they are weak give up easily or are unwilling to tackle a problem, but due to the illness that has occurred to their mental state it means that they are not ready to face the issue it’s like being in a pitch dark room and no matter where they turn they just can’t see the exit.

But with proper help and support of peers it’s like there’s a helping hand turning on the light which guides them to solving their problem on their own and returning to their regular lives. Many of you are probably wondering if perhaps you fall into this category too. Let’s see if within the last two weeks you have experienced any of the following symptoms.

1. Feelings of discouragement, sadness or despair
2. Complete loss of interest in activities or hobbies
3. Loss of appetite or extreme overeating.
4. Insomnia or excessive sleeping
5. Feelings of anxiousness, restlessness or complete lack of motivation
6. Fatigue or easily decreased energy.
7. Feelings of worthlessness and disappointment in oneself.
8. Lack of concentration, focus, memory retention and inability to make decisions.
9. Suicidal thoughts.

If you have experienced more than five of these symptoms almost every day within the past two weeks it could mean that you are at risk of having depressive disorder. But before diagnosing yourself with depression you should consult a psychiatrist who can offer you their professional opinion after conducting a detailed analysis. Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist isn’t an unusual or something to be ashamed of. It’s an incorrect assumption that those who seek mental health professionals are insane.

In reality those that are suffering from stress or complex issues with no one to confide in can also consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. Mental disorders are exactly like physical disorders that require specific consultation. It’s the same as if your teeth hurt that you see a dentist or your knee hurts that you see an orthopedist.


You Can Watch this Video About Depression!

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